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 What is wxDeveloperStudio?

wxDeveloperStudio is a set of tools for developing applications based on wxWidgets cross-platform GUI framework for C++. It features an Integrated Development Environment and a Dialogue Generator for designing application's GUI resources visually.  Each one of these tools is designed separately to be used as plugins to existing Integrated Development Suites, but are also made to interoperate with each other to provide a full Integrated Development Suite as needed.  Current Plans call for a Multipurpose Programming Editor, a Dialog Creator/Editor, and a Project Converter to/from Standard Makefiles.

wxDeveloperStudio is written for
wxWidgets platforms (wxMSW for Windows, wxGTK for Linux, wxX for Unix platforms, etc), and is programmed entirely in C++.  wxDeveloperStudio will be developed initially on Linux, then converted to Windows and other platforms.  The starting Code for wxDeveloperStudio will be based on the wxWorkshop Project which will be brought up-to-date, greatly enhanced, and refactored to meet standard coding practices.

  Who is developing wxDeveloperStudio?

The wxDeveloperStudio Project is being managed by James Rasmussen.  Most of the starting code for wxDeveloperStudio comes from the wxWorkshop project.

  Where can I get wxDeveloperStudio sources?

The wxDeveloperStudio project is hosted on SourceForge's CVS server. The project page contains links for reporting bugs, checking out latest source, and viewing latest status information as the wxDeveloperStudio project develops.

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